Salesforce Development

Salesforce pioneered SaaS. We perfected its delivery. End to end Salesforce Org Management from on boarding to Lightning LWC Components Development and Integrations.

Automation Testing

End to End Automation solutions. We are well versed in automation testing i.e. Web service, Web Application, mobile testing. Experience in implementing customised test automation frameworks


Personalised Technology training for Industry leaders and executives to harness the true power of Technology.

Expound Digital

About Us

Expound Digital is a trusted global custom software development company offering services in the area of enterprise mobility solutions, enterprise automation testing solutions and Salesforce CRM solutions.
Our relationship with clients, employees and communities are imbibed within us as company’s vision and mission. These values act as a torchbearer, thereby guiding our business strategies and future growth. We deliver trust, ethics and confidentiality to our clients.

Salesforce CRM Solutions

Expound digital is one of the only partners to specialise in cross cloud implementation, focusing on the design, implementation and maintenance of all Salesforce cloud.

We are also experts in, Heroku and Amazon Web services, as well as having a dedicatedExperience design (XD) team and Managed Services practice.

Automation Testing Solutions

The demand for delivering quality software faster — or “Quality at Speed” — requires organisations to search for solutions in Agile, continuous integration (CI) and DevOps methodologies. Test automation is an essential part of these aspects.

We are experts in delivering quality Automation solutions.

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